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Within your Soul

. . . is a Map

Open the Map!

There are Universal Laws and Universal Truths that have been handed down through centuries which offers us Guidance.  Unfortunately, these Laws and Truths, through our culture tend to get lost and have become distorted over time.   Fortunately, they have been embedded into the very fabric of our Being and only await our awareness and attention to them to bring them to light.

My mission is to help others to understand these Laws and Truths and assist them in bringing forth their individualized Soul Purpose and to achieve the Joy and Peace within.   


Join me the ultimate Journey of Self-Discovery towards joy, peace and fulfillment!

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction (or "like" attracts "like") is a Universal, fundamental law that speaks to the truth that whatever we put out - we will receive back.  Understanding this law is a major component which provides solid clues to where you are at and what you need to do in order to get where you need to go. 

This is key information that transcends the acquisition of external rewards (although it is a by-product!) and provides distinct guidance towards living an abundant, joy-filled and loving life!

Backed by Quantum Physics,  solid research and an in-depth analysis, this on-line workshop is designed to provide you with solid tools and techniques to take you to the next level of your journey.  Within this course you will find the Magic!


Delay due to family illness


The Magician

Removing the Barriers

Its difficult to conceive that our very struggles provide the information that is key to our transformation.   Not only is it an integral part of transformation it is essential in bypassing our egoic map and discovering the map that lies within our Soul.

Unfortunately, under some psycho-therapeutic approaches, the time trying to resolve our barriers can be known to stretch over years.  As one who has sat in both seats, I know only too well the frustration of of sitting on the side-lines watching the world go by.   If you are ready to step into a joy-filled life by letting go of what no longer serves you - you won't be disappointed!

The Mystical

Here we examine the Spiritual Laws that govern the way of those seeking to move to the next stage of spiritual understanding.   Can we stop time?  What fascinating Role does the Ego play?  Where does the Ego come from?  These questions, and many more, will be explored as we deep dive into your Soul, its workings, principles and both its multi-faceted complexity and simplicity. 

Church Candles

The Masters

This will be an experience of a lifetime as you step into the Vortex of energy in the Sedonas.  Wrapped in the deliciousness of all that life offers, this amazing retreat is designed to transcend your current understanding of life and step into the realm of awe and wonder. 

Sign up to receive more information about this amazing opportunity. and type "I love Sedona" ! Further details to follow.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you


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