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Planet and Moon


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Soul-Based Approach

Understanding that we are a Soul is an important realization towards any Spiritual Growth.  The deeper this realization, the more our spiritual foundation can solidify to support our growth and expansion.  Soul Journeys ~ Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives ~ can bring one into a deeper "knowing" of our Spiritual nature.  Through the use of hypnosis, one can step into the spiritual world and gain first hand knowledge and experience of our Eternal Souls.


Soul Offerings

Gifts for You

Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals.

Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals.


Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals.

With a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology, as well as a variety of other certifications and accreditations - I offer over 30 years of traditional experience combined with my role as an Author, Coach and a Mystic.  


This formalized education together with the insight, wisdom and practical and spiritual tools I’ve also accumulated both traditionally and non-traditionally over the years, serves to help empower others to take control of their journey and create the life they desire.

I integrate this conservative educational background with a comprehensive knowledge of Universal Truths and Universal Laws. By combining my vast psychological knowledge and experience with an in depth understanding of governing universal factors allows one to approach life with focus and determination with a full understanding of where they are – as well as how to get to where they want to be.   


With this valuable understanding, individuals can make more effective and constructive decisions in their lives and in their relationships.

This  unique approach takes my clients beyond the traditional counselling and psycho-therapeutic methods into a more directive and experiential process.


I work by empowering my clients to take ownership of their lives with practical knowledge, skills and tools.

Universal Laws and Truths includes an understanding of​

My work is based upon the principles of A Course in Miracles and the

universal laws and truths incorporated in such works as The Secret, The

Power of Intention, Energy Leadership, The Four Agreements, The Power

of Now, Teachings from Abraham (Hicks), Conversations With God, 

Messages from the Masters and Journey of the Soul.

I began utilizing these concepts in my approach since 1985 and found

them to be the foundation for my clients' permanent healing, growth

and expansion.



To assist in the growth and healing of others by utilizing a holistic approach which encompasses the emotional, psychological, physiological and spiritual aspects of the individual in a professional, caring and kind approach which embraces both the uniqueness and connectedness of us all. Holding a strong commitment to best practices while adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards.


Registered Psychotherapist – College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

Masters Degree (M.ED) University of Toronto (OISIE) Specializing in Applied Psychology, 1993

B.A. Honours Degree in Psychology – York University – Dean’s Honour Roll, 1989

Institute for Imago Therapy – Certification in Relationship Therapy – 2000

Michael Newton Institute – Certification in Life Between Lives Regression -2007

Ontario Hypnosis Centre – Certification in Hypnotherapy and Past Lives – C.Ht -2006

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