Passionate About Inspiring Others

Yes, I have credentials.  More than what I list here.  But I truly don't believe that they, alone, may be the best reason you would like to move forward with me.

The best reason is that I've done the work. 

Being raised in a single parent home from the age of 13 yrs and having survived physical assault, psychological abuse, emotional, as well as sexual abuse - can either break you or catapult you into the healing process.  And the healing journey was long and arduous. 

What I learned along the way - what I became convinced of - was that there had to be an easier way. 


It took too long.  It appeared to be a "hit or miss" situation.  Sometimes very effective - many times not so much.  Although all of these practitioners cared, and focused on connecting - many of them lacked the practical tools and skills to help me. 


 I didn't have a framework or a guiding principle that could assist me in knowing the direction I needed to take.   I remember struggling in deciding whether I would continue receiving any more counselling because the time and effort just didn't seem to be worth it.  All of this struggle. 


And then the Universe stepped in (or did I let it in?) and I slowly gained the clarity I sought.  I could help others.  I could do it faster.  I could help them get back to living life on their own terms - AND I had gathered the tools, techniques and expertise to do it.


All the struggles I went through, all the challenges, heartaches, suicidal thoughts and abuse contributed to the perfect journey designed to awaken my true purpose and fueled my passion to help others.  



Degrees and Certifications I have accumulated on my Journey.

Registered Psychotherapist​

Masters Degree (M.E.d) in Applied Psychology

B.A. Honours Degree in Psychology

Certification in Relationship Therapy - Imago Institute

Certification in Life Between Lives Regression

Certifiction in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression