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You are solution oriented.  A problem solver.  You have an area of concern and you tackle it with focus and determination.  You aren't afraid of doing the inner work and you love to connect the dots!   You experience a great deal of satisfaction when you are able to reach your goals!

As with each of us - there is always an area that experiences more of a struggle than other areas.  It pushes us, pulls us and challenges us in ways that leave us feeling tired, exhausted and confused.  You find comfort in evidence-based research but are also willing to step out of the traditional to explore alternative ways of viewing the world and Yourself!  You are open to change. 

Whatever your struggles are, no matter the pain you fight against, you continue to push on.  There is no other choice for you.  You won't settle for less.



I'm a Mystic, a Transformational Coach, a Registered Psychotherapist and an author.   I, and my husband of 23 years have 3 wonderful, regular teenagers, a dog that never stops and a cat who loves to linger and get in the way!  Usually on my desktop!


I began my journey of helping others over 30 years ago and have amassed  both the traditional and non-traditional degrees, certifications and accreditations.  But, I believe, that it is my own journey and my own work that allows me to have achieved excellence in what I do and how I do it.  

My approach is direct, compassionate and focused on getting the job done (It's how I roll!).  I work by gathering information, utilizing universal laws and truths and tapping into the energy of who you are.  I integrate the Science of Energy behind Quantum Physics, Neuro Science and Somatic Awareness.


Working with me will require a tremendous amount of commitment in terms of time, effort and financial resources. The services that you will receive are top notch.  On-line coaching sessions occur bi-monthly with supplemental, individualized homework specifically tailored and created for YOU.


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