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Are you…


Tired of not having enough or being enough? 

Are you still living from pay check to pay check - fearful of the "what ifs"


Or are you weary from being alone?

Struggling to feel “good enough”

Chasing after one relationship after another? 

Do you wonder why life works for some - and not for others?

 Young Woman Contemplating

Do you want to figure out how it all works?  Do you want to know how to work it?

And is there another reason why you should explore the Law of Attraction?  Is there a Spiritual truth buried deep within its very Foundation?  What role does your Soul play?

Perhaps, the Law of Attraction is simply actually a necessary and critical step for fulfilling your Life's Purpose and your Soul's Destiny.



What is the

Law of Attraction?


Is it some "New Age" Hype?  Wishful thinking?  Or is it based on something more?


The Law of Attraction is about the Life we are Living. All the time. It permeates everything in our individual and collective world. It isn’t something that we can “add” to our life – its something that already exists! We can use this Law to help empower us every day and to transform our life on all levels!

The Law of Attraction impacts our relationship with our family, friends, community – and with our self. It can even transcend the boundaries of time. It is complex, intelligent and omnipresent.

This powerful law is similar to understanding the alphabet. It is “foundational” wisdom that permeates every facet of your your 3-dimensional life and is a critical factor in the advancement of your Spiritual growth and an integral part of fulfilling your Soul's Destiny! 

Can Quantum Physics and Scientific data actually prove that the Law of Attraction works? 


Discover your own answers!


Join me and dip your toes into the fascinating field of Quantum Physics,  Universal Laws and Universal Truths!

These often misunderstood laws impact you EVERY day – whether you realize it or not. 


Like the law of gravity, these laws and truths transcend cultural, gender, economic, and geographical boundaries.

These Universal Laws and Truths work ALL the time, EVERY time, whether we acknowledge them or not … they are ALWAYS  working!



In this 1 1/2 -day comprehensive course you will learn the foundational aspects of the Law of Attraction based on Universal Laws and Universal Truths, Quantum Physics and Scientific Research.

You will receive specific strategies, powerful techniques and unique tools that are proven to increase your ability to manifest your desires.  

You will learn how to deliberately tap into these universal powers and consciously shape your life in order to get where you want to go and to Live Life on Your Own Terms!

You will also become clear as to how the Law of Attraction plays a critical role in your Spiritual growth and expansion.


THIS is the workshop for YOU! 

What would you do to get some answers? 




ANSWERS that would clear up the brain fog, lighten the weight  of everyday life and transform not only the way you see your life, but the way you live it as well!
EXPLORE the Science 
                    EXPAND your Power
                      EVOLVE your Soul

DISCOVER the KEYS to unlock your Dreams

Hi! My name is Linda McFadden M.Ed., C.Ht., Lbl.t. (Registered Psychotherapist) and I’ve been practicing the principles of The Law of Attraction for over 25 years - well before the book "The Secret" came out!!  

And over the last few years and I ‘tripped’ over the scientific data that had Physicists scratching their heads.  I GOT EXCITED!!!

Now . . . I could PROVE it and actually demonstrate how this extremely powerful LAW really works.  I knew this understanding could literally TRANSFORM  LIVES!

This one and a half day intensive workshop will help you to understand who you truly are (it’s NOT what you think!) and the powerful impact you have on the world around you (it’s more than you could possibly dream of!).

You will be able to ground this knowledge in the scientific facts behind the Law of Attraction and you will learn how to apply it in your world – in order to get where you want to go!

We will also examine why this concept is so critical on a Soul's level and how the Law is actually a stepping stone in spiritual growth and expansion.

If you would like to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Law of Attraction – and step beyond the ‘hype’ and step into your Power then Register NOW!


As a result of this workshop, you will:


  •  See yourself and your world in a whole new different way and you will “get” how powerful you truly are!

  •  Understand why your approach to attract that special someone/some thing isn’t working and how you can shift it! 

  •  Gain Transformational Tools and Techniques that can change your life! Step-by-step! RIGHT AWAY!

  •  Understand why the Law of Attraction is a critical component and essential for spiritual growth and expansion!

  •  Obtain Critical Knowledge, Challenging Insight and Comprehensive Understanding to make it work for you – ALL of      the time!

  •  Tap into your Power and gain the fuel to ignite your passion to fulfill your Desires!

 This workshop is NOT for you if:   

  • You are satisfied with where you are at (finances, health, relationships)

  • You really don’t care if you achieve your dreams

  • You have lots of time to muddle around and hope “some day” to get there

  • You are content to chase after the dream rather than achieve the reality

  • You are not interested in accessing your inner power and seeing yourself, and the world – in a different way

  • You are not concerned or interested in spirituality

 This workshop is FOR  you if:

  • You are tired of not feeling “good enough” or having "just enough"

  • You don’t want to be left out or sit on the sidelines

  • You want to start attracting your right away!

  • You want to increase your understanding of spirituality and tap into its intrinsic power

  • You are not willing to wait any longer 

Workbook included.

This workshop is also backed by my personal 100% money-back guarantee that you will receive all you need to know to get The Law of Attraction working for you!

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