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Soul Journeys

Why are we here?


What is the meaning of life?

What did you come to learn? 

What do I need to do next?

What is my true purpose?

Can I be hypnotized?

Space Supernova
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Past Life Regression

A Journey of a Lifetime!

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7 Sessions - Comprehensive Digital Downloadable Program

(YES! A successful Past Life Regression from my Audio Program satisfies the requirement for a Life Between Lives!)

Past Life Regression


Did you ever wonder who you truly are?  Whether you have lived before?  And, if so, where did you live?  What did you do?  Were you happy?  What challenges did you face? Did you overcome them?

Have you had flashbacks?  Saw yourself in a different country?  Or perhaps drawn inexplicably to a city, town or village - in a place that you've never been to?  Or have you wandered the streets of a remote country area yet recognize streets or buildings that you've never seen?  Would you like to know?  

A Past Life Regression (PLR) is a journey back in time – to a different place, a different time, a different space. It is based upon the belief that we are spiritual beings who incarnate to learn lessons. Lessons of love, compassion, forgiveness and understanding. These lessons are multi-faceted and complex and require many lifetimes and many experiences in which to learn them.  The ultimate goal is to achieve Joy!

With each lifetime, we gather experiences and confront challenges. If we learn the lessons – we move on to the next lesson. The more lessons we learn – the more able are we to feel joy, peace and fulfillment.  You are not judged.

A Past Life Regression allows one to experience themselves in a different lifetime. Although physically appearing different, the underlying energy or “feel” of who you are – and who others are – remain the same.  For many, the belief in their spirituality becomes a “knowing” as they transcend a belief in their mortality into an experience of their immortality.

At times, as we transcend one lifetime, we may end up by bringing negative residual energy from that experience into our current life. Symptoms without a reasonable cause – such as depression, anxiety, fears, phobias and even medical complaints – have been effectively addressed through a Past Life Regression.

Life Between Lives

Do you believe that you "have" a Soul, but are uncertain of its significance?  Or perhaps, you simply are curious? 

Or perhaps, you even know that you have a Soul but long to have the experience?  You  want to go deeper - you want to spiritually expand.  Would you like to expand?

Space Supernova

Based upon the ground breaking work of Dr. Michael Newton, a Life Between Lives (LBL) session is a journey into the spiritual world.


It is based upon the belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience . . . and that we are here to learn lessons. Lessons of love, compassion, forgiveness, understanding and connectedness. In order to learn these lessons, we incarnate many times over as these lessons are multi-faceted and complex. In between these lifetimes that we experience in the 3-dimensional earth realm, we return to the spiritual realm where we celebrate our accomplishments, review our lessons, refine our goals and prepare for the next incarnation.

It is here, in this state, that we are able to access answers to our more deeply held questions. We can experience who we are as a soul, who our soul group/mate is, and the lessons that we are here to learn.

With the use of hypnosis, clients are taken into a deeper state of relaxation (through the supra-subconscious) that allows them to experience who they are as a soul, who their soul mate and soul groups are.  They will also be able to connect with their Spirit Guide who will also serve to act on their behalf to facilitate the most optimum experience.

Prior to being scheduled for a Life Between Lives session, a Past Life Regression is required in order to ensure that you are able to achieve the required depth.

Please come from a place of “open-curiosity” and “wide-eyed wonder”!

How I got into Past Life Regressions and Life Between Lives!

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