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Everyone can use a bit of help sometimes. 


Help to take you to the next level.  You want the best - because second best doesn't work for you.  You want someone who get's it.  Someone who can read between the lines.  Someone who gets YOU. 

You are seen as a leader, an executive, a coach, doctor or counselor.  You've earned the respect of others and in fact, they often come to you for direction. 


It's hard to keep struggling - working around others all the time.  Keeping everyone happy.  But where is there the time and the much needed space for you?


Yes, some days can be better than others - but the constant weight of certain aspects of your life has become a heavy burden - one that you've kinda just got used to.   You carry the constant uncertainty, confusion  and the heaviness around with you and it lingers in the background like a persistent shadow.   


And all you really want is for it to work.  Its keeping you distracted, losing focus, costing you time and money.  But most of all - its costing you peace of mind and happiness.  

What you are seeking ~ is seeking you


All of your hopes, all of your dreams are not only possible - they are probable.  Not only are they probable  ~ they are the key to your


expansion and your Highest version of expression your Self.   They are indicators of where you need to go! 


Truly "loving yourself" steps beyond stereotypical understanding and steps into a fuller version of being authentically you based in love. 

This on-line webinar is a 3 month group program with 2 group coaching calls per month.

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Discovering Your Purpose

Relationships are tricky. Tricky to navigate.  Tricky to hang on to.  Its very difficult to juggle the wants and needs of two distinct personalities!  Perhaps you feel like you are begging for attention? Or being stifled by too much attention?

You can be wanting to find the balance yet not sure that you want to stay - have even thought about leaving ~ Or perhaps your communication is non-existent or littered with accusations, bickering or inability to truly connect! 

If you are looking to improve your relationship or make a change then change is looking for YOU!

Outdoor Wedding Shoot


There's little more frustrating then being a parent.  As much as we love our children - they can push our buttons in ways no others can!  

They can turn a competent adult into feeling like an incompetent mess!  They can trigger us to the point where we question our capabilities and our sanity!

With pinpoint accuracy they are able to bring up the deepest love, incredible courage and dedication and yet still trigger the deepest feelings of inadequacy and impotency.  Parenting isn't easy - it's an art! Built on Universal Truths and Laws that can turn the chaos into the wondrous creation that it is.

Friends Walking Home


There can be a lot of confusion around spirituality and what it means or doesn't mean.  Perhaps you want to  gain clarification or deepen your understanding of where you fit in.  Or perhaps, you would like to discover and clarify your purpose, expand your energy and deepen your spiritual connection.  Perhaps you're struggling with the Dark Night of the Soul and wondering about the process and the progression of spiritual teachings.

If you are here and reading this then you have been brought here for a Divine reason because there are no accidents. 

How do we begin?

We begin with setting up a complimentary 40 minute consultation.  This call will help us both determine whether we are a good fit.  You will have the opportunity to connect with me and gain a sense of how well we will be able to work together.  I, in turn, will gain an understanding of where your struggles lies and the skills I have that can assist you in reaching your goals. If we determine that that we are a strong match then we will begin the process of enrolling you into the 3 month program.  

Coaching Packages



3 Months

Independent upon complexity - this is where we start.  This is where we begin the process of transformation.  Gathering critical information and strategically addressing your goals, as well as the obtaining the practical tools, techniques and strategies. 


6 Months

Advanced programs are by invitation only.  You have done the work, completed the assignments and have seen  impressive results.   Due to the complexity or changing goals - you are ready to go deeper!


12 Months

You want your life to be in total alignment with who you truly are and are totally committed to being all that you are and getting all that you want!  You've seen the shifts and experienced the transformation. 

Now you want more!

Within Your Struggles Lies Your Greatness

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