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Do you have an area in your life that "isn't working?


 And perhaps feel, at times, that you are trapped in your own success?  Or in your own head?


Do others look at you and see your self-assurance, your confidence, your strength and conviction? 

Do they see an effective leader? A successful professional? A confident Coach, amazing Healer or a powerful Change Maker?  Do they believe that you have it all together?


Do you believe that you should too?

After all - you're successful and you have accomplished a lot.  You've earned respect and even admiration.  Your smart and intelligent.  So why do you feel empty and unfulfilled?  Why do you feel lacking or that you're just spinning your wheels?  Stuck in a pattern.


Why do you feel so alone?  So fragmented and isolated on the inside with no one to see your pain or hear your tears . . .  You have no idea why the pain seems to go so deep? Or maybe you have an inkling . . .

Intuitively you know that your pain can't be resolved over a cup of tea. Maybe you don't know where to go or who to turn to.   Who you can trust.  Or even what you need.  You need someone who understands and has the skills to reach the deepest parts, in the tiniest recesses of your being.  Someone who can hold compassion, support and healing with the ability to respect and see the best and brightest of who you are - while removing that which no longer serves you and clears up the pain and with the precision of seasoned wisdom, specific tools and gentle effective techniques.  


Or you may know what you need ~ but aren't quite sure where to find it.  And, it can be really  hard to reach out.  To ask for help.

What if you knew that right now, that not only are you in the right place - you are in the very best place that will allow you to reclaim that empty space, let go of the pain, and to actually find the purpose behind all of your struggles.  You want to go deep.  You don't want to go through this again . . . and again.

What if that illusive happiness ~ that fulfillment and that wholeness that you truly desire ~ isn't just a wishful longing but a true calling that lies within you - waiting, yearning and struggling to be answered?  What if your pain is really your Soul calling you to heal?

                                                            "At first, I didn't know if I needed a Therapist or a Coach ~ I got BOTH!" 

Customized Coaching

Your Personalized Program


This is ALL about you. 

Within your coaching program you will receive specialized and direct one-on-one coaching targeted to releasing the pain and finding the Joy and Peace

you have been seeking.     

My Expertise


Rave Reviews


Morna Haist

CEO and Founder, Revolutionary Woman

Working with Linda transformed what was a very challenging period into a time of reconnection, healing and growth in the relationship with my teenage daughters. I believe what makes Linda different from other coaches I've worked with is not just her depth of training and experience, but her ability to ground complex issues in what's real so that clients can take practical action to get the results they want.  Working with Linda is a transformational experience and I can't recommend her more highly".

Michelle Webster

Finance Manager

If you are ready to dive deep and experience meaningful movement forward on your emotional and mental health journey, I give Linda McFadden the highest recommendation. I have been able to radically change my self-perception and unblock decades old emotional traumas. I breath better, sleep better, am forming stronger relationships, shedding old self-sabotaging habits and developing new healing habits. Life changing.

Becki Selby

Business Owner and Entrepreneur

I sought out Linda to assist me in finding direction.  I felt like I was drifting without purpose and I had lost a lot of my drive.  Life had ceased to excite me.  I felt that I was attracting negative people and energy into my life and I needed a fresh outlook.  After our first coaching session, I had a life-changing epiphany.  Through careful guidance, skilled coaching, recommendations and pure loving energy, Linda allowed me to see what was holding me back and now we are working together to aid me to be my best and truest self.

Jerry Osbourne

Industrial Service Manager

Linda has an exceptional ability ability to quickly assess my situation and provide clear, direct guidance and insight.  She was able to pickup on both my  verbal and non-verbal communication to aid me in making critical decisions while providing me with the direction that I needed to move forward. She is a compassionate, loving person who is an outstanding coach. Thank You for the amazing guidance and direction.  I highly recommend her services.

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